Viking Winners

Publisert 11.04.2016

A unanimous jury has selected three winners in the open plan and design competition for the new Viking Age Museum at Bygdøy in Oslo. First place was awarded AART architects from Denmark for their contribution Naust.  

In second place came JAJA Architects in cooperation with Coast Studio with their entry Vikingetiden på ny and in third came Favn submitted by Arkitekturfabrikken + Kata Palicz  from Trondheim. The jury assessed 111 contributions, around 90 of which were submitted by Scandinavian architects.

Statsbygg has been commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research to undertake the planning of the new Viking Age Museum. The present day museum, The Viking Ship Museum, is a listed building and will have a prominent position in the new museum facility.


Statsbygg's CEO, Harald Nikolaisen says: "The jury concluded that the Naust contribution provides a very good solution to a complicated challenge. The new building will secure and preserve the unique, popular and fragile Viking age collection which is one of the world's foremost cultural monuments."

The Jury's Decision

The jury believes that the winning design Naust, by AART architects, "allows for a beautiful, coherent sequence of spaces which will encompass the existing arches and create a direct connection between the new exhibition areas and the present day exhibition wings."

Referring to the design awarded second place, Vikingetiden på ny by JAJA Architects/Coast Studio, the jury expressed that this contribution "with its muted, organic approach creates a new museum landscape both above and below ground which suits the location and Arneberg's architecture." The jury thought that Favn, which was awarded third place, "embraces the ships and landscape with a definite architectonic grasp, complementing Arneberg's architecture."

A Difficult Assignment

"There was a wide span in the submitted contest proposals for the new Viking Age Museum, both in relation to the existing Viking Ship Museum, its placement on the site and its architectonic expression," says the Chairman of the jury, Bjørne Grimsrud from Statsbygg. "In their assessment the jury has given considerable emphasis to security and financial aspects. The winners are the architectural solutions with the greatest potential for further development necessary for tackling these challenges."

Additional Awards

In addition to the three winners, the jury has awarded 17 other contributors with a purchase. These are: Slektskap, Flotilla, Hjemkomst, SVA, Saving Oseberg, Ouroboros, Akkeri, Arv (id 06539779), Funn, Hvitre, Mellomrom, NOATUN, På kryss og tvers, VIKIPEDIA, SEIL, THE SHRINE and Oppløftelse.

The Further Process

Statsbygg will now invite the winners to negotiations concerning future project planning , entering into contracts before the summer. This will be followed by preprojecting and a regulation processes leading up to the subsequent political debate on funding.

The earliest possible dates for commencement of building and completion are 2020 and 2022.

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