Electronic invoicing

All governmental enterprises in Norway will require their suppliers to send invoices and credit notes electronically in compliance with the standard Electronic Trade Format (EHF). 

Statsbygg is in the position to receive electronic invoices and credit notes according to the EHF standard.

For correct processing of invoices

• Customer’s reference is to be filled in with the reference ID provided by Statsbygg upon ordering. This ensures that invoices are forwarded to the correct person.
In EHF the field name is /AccountingCustomerParty/ Party/ Contact/ID.
• OrderReference is to be filled inn with Statsbygg's order reference number. If Statsbygg has not given any reference number this field must be left empty.
In EHF the field name is /Invoice/OrderReference/ID.
• Invoice attachments are to be embedded in the EHF documents as binary objects in the EHF message structure in accordance with the EHF specification.
• Message distribution is done via access point in the PEPPOL infrastructure. Statsbygg's access point is Evry.

Terms unless otherwise agreed

• Payment is due 28 days after receipt of the invoice.
• Invoices shall be submitted electronically in the PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 format.
• Attachments shall be embedded as binary objects in the XML-invoice according to PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 specification chapter 6.2.10.
• The electronic invoices shall be submitted through an access point in the PEPPOL eDelivery Network

Invoices must include the following information about the supplier

Organisation identification number (if this exists)
Bank information:
IBAN (International bank account no.) including initial country code
BIC (SWIFT address)
Name of the bank
Address of the bank

Statsbygg's electronic invoice address: 

Any questions?

Please contact us at fakturamottak@statsbygg.no.